CASTINN is a unique platform and casting service, under the umbrella of Spaceprk and the only automated site for you to create a job ad. With CASTINN, there is no need for you to fill a thousand forms to find or create a job position. Here, we do it all for you, you just have to answer to some simple questions!

CASTINN is a branch of Spaceprk that has been built by popular demand to help talents and talent seekers of all kinds of productions, filmmaking or event planning find the person or the role they are looking for.

In Spaceprk’s 3-year running period of helping agencies and creatives find the location they seek, we have gained the trust and appreciation of many clients. And since they were in need of tools that simplify their job and all the production’ issues, we decided to create CASTINN.

With Spaceprk, CASTINN and more on the way, we are building a 360 environment of fully customized services around the industry of filmmaking, advertising and events. Welcome on board!

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