Are you an agent? We got you

Do you manage, represent or work for a casting agency? Are you looking for ways to make your work simpler and less time consuming? Then CASTINN is what you need!

Ain’t no mountain high enough

We aspire to be the only 360 platform that turns work into a fully creative process by eliminating the practical issues thus help all talents and talent managers build the careers of the future. You can achieve success in the least possible time with the least possible energy. That is why CASTINN keeps working and evolving aiming to be instrumental to all talents their agents, businesses or companies.

Managing a large Pool of Talents via CASTINN

With CASTINN and just a few clicks, a casting agency can build a valuable database of all the talentthey represent and make it easier to match each talent’s skills, appearance and any other type of characteristics to the roles and positions that open every day. And it is indeed as simple as we say.


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