With Castinn You Get There Faster! Q&A

Castinn is a unique platform and casting service, under the umbrella of Spaceprk and the only automated site for you to create a job ad. With Castinn, there is no need for you to fill a thousand forms to find or create a job position.


Yes, you can pay a small fee monthly, every 3, 6 months and anually. The annual package is the best as it saves you money.

A profile is required for security reasons. And also you cannot pay or list your qualifications in order to be discovered without a profile.

Because Castiin creates a customized profile with all the needed information about you that automatically match to every job possition that comes up and is then sent right to you with a message without you being in front of a computer all day.

No and for kids’ positions, their parents or guardians should handle their profiles

To create a payments account, you have to provide your name, email address and mobile phone number. As far as finncial regulations are concerned, you might also be aasked to provide your date of birth, a copy of an ID document and proof of a home address.

As stated in our terms of service, users must cancel their subscriptions before renewal if they do not wish to be charged. To help in this endeavor, Castiin sends out an email notice when their renewal is one month away on both annual and semi-annual subscriptions (no such notice exists for monthly subscriptions).
Yes, there is a delete profile option on the upper right under your name.


A profile is required for security reasons. You will be able to browse though the talents but you will not be allowed to access their whole profiles.

Because Castinn creates the job ads instead of you and makes your search much easier by matching your role’s requirements to the right talents.

Yes, there is a delete profile option on the upper right under your name.