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Are you a producer, a casting director, an event manager or a creative agency? Are you making a movie, TV series, an advertising production, organizing a happening or a conference and you are looking for new talented people to recruit?

Amazing talents, actors, dancers, creators, are in search of suitable positions that meet their flairs and abilities.

CASTINN is the only platform where you can find the people you need in less time with less effort and great results.

We offer a fully customized service

With CASTINN, you will not have to create new job position listings/ads from scratch every time a new request comes up.

You also have the choice to create candidate alerts and be notified when a person with the very specific characteristics is available even if you do not post a new job listing.

CASTINN gives the tools you need to build your role opening listing with just some clicks and none of the hustle. And it’s free!

Staff your production with the ideal talent

We believe that time is money and creative energy should not be disturbed by practicalities, we have created an automated platform that not only helps you easily find the talents you are looking for but also gives you the opportunity to actually choose between many talented people.

Personalized Profile

Create a profile specifically for you or your brand targeting the roles and positions you need.

Automated Custom Job Notices

We automatically take your details, clues and answers and create a brand-new job listing for each open part.

Talent & Role Matching

We match each role’s needs to talent’s skills and experience and notify you via messages with the best candidates.

Fast & Efficient

You browse through the matching talents, choose the ones that you deem most suitable and get in touch with them via CASTINN.

Easy Contact

You can arrange meetings, create candidate alerts, ask for audition videos or script readings and plan everything quick and easy.

It's Free

Businesses can now create on CASTINN company profiles and use communication tools to find talents with no cost.

Get the one!

With Castinn, all a talent seeker has to do is to pick the answers  to certain questions about the person they are looking for. Then the platform generates a well-rounded role openning notice and also finds all the talents with matching characteristics to the seeker’s needs.

Basic information like age, height, body type, skin and hair color etc. is needed in order to find the right physical characteristics’ category and point you to the right individuals. There are also more detailed appearance information questions asked in order to cover all kinds of physical traits that a role might require.

Apart from the basic questions you will be asked about the professional experience needed and also have the ways to note all kinds of additional special skills that you wish the candidates to have. CASTINN will have your answers, this way, you will be able to receive a much detailed job notice and get pointed to the right direction.

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CASTINN is explicitly designed to be the one and only instrument a producer, event organizer, director or creator needs in order to find, audition and cast the most talented and inspiring amateurs or professionals for their productions, happenings or projects.

We are working everyday to bring your ideal talents just a click away from you.