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Are you an actor/actress, a model, a creative professional or a creator?  Casting directors and production companies from all over the world are looking for somebody just like you.

Film, advertisement or event productions publish high quality job positions every day. CASTINN serves as an instrumental platform in matching your skills to the market needs and finding the ideal opening for you.

By joining CASTINN, you can create a profile and upload information about you that will then be matched to the open positions for productions that can lead you to the career of your dreams!

Your Perfect Role

Every talent can find the way to success and CASTINN is explicitly designed to do that. Instead of taking time every day to search for job openings, you can NOW join CASTINN and with no hustle or effort, have the jobs come to you!

Personalized Profile

Create a profile specifically for you and build a brand that shows your strengths and talents we give you all the needed tools to track down the ideal roles!

Visibility and Reviewing

You can check how many people viewed your profile and get reviews from previous assignments.

All Talents

You can be a TOP professional, new on the job or a grandfather. We got you!

Talent to Role Matching

We match your skills and experience to the roles needed and notify you via messages.

All-inclusive Contact tools

You can arrange meetings, create job alerts, send audition tapes and plan everything quick and easy.

Fee Packages in your Best Interest

We offer you various fee packages to choose the one that fit you the most.

Your Flairs and Talents

All you have to do is give us some information about you and CASTINN will handle the rest! Roles and positions that suit and complement your talents and experience are coming your way.

Firstly, we ask you to upload some photos of you and a small video that shows you on close up and also on a larger scale (see guide here). This is very important for talent seekers since they will be able to understand how you move, see your expressions and decide if you could fit to their production’s cast.

We sure need some basic information like age, height, body type, skin and hair color etc. in order to place you to the right physical characteristics’ category, we also ask for more detailed information, as many roles need the candidates to have very specific traits.

Your work experience level may also be a helpful clue about you for parts that require professionals but your general experience as an amateur in any field is also vital for your listing. We really want to know about your aptitude or interests, too, as all those clues give us a deeper understanding of your talents.

Finally, there are many other skills or abilities that could be required for a certain role. The ability to drive, to dive, to ride a horse or sketching as a hobby could end up offering you a great part in a movie or series! 

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Every talent can find the way to success and CASTINN is explicitly designed to do that for you. Instead of taking time every day to search for job openings, you can NOW join CASTINN and with no hustle or effort, have the jobs and positions come to you!